Canadian-born actress/singer-songwriter Tinsel Korey is best known for her role as “Emily” in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. 

    As a teen she appeared in many commercials, and in 2003 she landed her first television role on the FOX series “Tru Calling” starring Eliza Dushku. In 2004, while shooting Spielberg's TNT mini-series “Into the West”, she composed a song of the same title that became an underground hit. Tinsel’s films range from “The Lookout” starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt to SYFY’s “Wyvern” & “Black Forest". Her most recent works have been “Bullet" an action/thriller feature starring Danny Trejo, the horror film “Stained ” and comedic feature “Fishing Naked.” Her television credits include shows such as “Longmire", “Z Nation”, “Blackstone”, "Young and the Restless", “The Detour Season 3” and Paramount Pictures new show "Yellowstone" airing this summer.

    In between acting roles, Tinsel has been in the studio working on new music at Folded Arms Studio in Chandler, Arizona.

In her free time Tinsel is an acting and music coach to youth, particularly Indigenous youth who have interest in the entertainment industry. Her coaching focuses on bringing out the artist through the unique talents of each person.

Korey also enjoys boxing, painting, gardening, watching hockey, UFC and playing guitar and piano. 

   Tinsel now spends her time in Los Angeles, Vancouver and Arizona, with her husband Doug Yazzie, and their 6 year old Border Collie “Lucky”.